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Impact Story

Transforming Lives Through Resilience: Solange’s Journey with the PAC Project

Meet MUKOBWAJANA Solange, a resilient 32-year-old single mother living in Gisagara District, facing the challenges of raising seven children, including three adopted ones. Solange’s life took a positive turn after becoming a beneficiary of the PAC Project, marking the beginning of a transformative journey.

The Dark Days Before the PAC Project

Solange’s life was overshadowed by the trauma caused by her children’s malnutrition. With four boys and three girls, all attending school, the dire lack of resources and food left her in a perpetual state of distress. Witnessing her two children suffer from Kwashiorkor inflicted deep wounds on her heart, leading to long-term trauma. Despite the hardships, Solange persevered, driven by the absence of alternatives.

PAC Project Intervention: A Beacon of Hope

The PAC Project became a lifeline for Solange, offering not only material support but also emotional healing. The project not only provided financial assistance but also equipped Solange with entrepreneurial skills through training. After being healed and transformed, Solange received an 800,000 RWF cash grant from the PAC Project, marking a turning point in her life.

Transformation through Entrepreneurship

Armed with determination and skills, Solange invested her grant in a restaurant, strategically located in her neighborhood. She began selling soft drinks and fast food, creating a sustainable source of income. The ripple effect of her success extended to her ability to save up to 2500 RWF per week. Joining a savings group called Tuzamurane, facilitated by the PAC Project; Solange shared 59,000 RWF in the first cycle and accumulated savings of 65,000 RWF.

The victor of Success

Solange’s hard work and dedication bore fruit as malnutrition stopped being a concern for her children. Her assets, now valued at 1,200,000 RWF, stand as a testament to her resilience and the impact of the PAC Project. Grateful for the transformation, Solange expressed her pride and gratitude, acknowledging the role of World Vision in her journey.

Looking Ahead

With her eyes set on the future, Solange plans to expand her restaurant, further solidifying her financial stability. Her story stands as an inspiring example of how empowerment and support can break the chains of poverty and transform lives.

U. Rwagasana Benitha

U. Rwagasana Benitha

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