Project title: Improving the capability of Smallholder Coffee Farmer’s Cooperatives (ICCC) project

Donor: SNV Rwanda

Start date: April 2017-2018

Project Location: Kamonyi and Ruhango

Project Objectives: Support the improving the capability of small Holder Coffee’s cooperatives through the implementation of the Capacity Development plan of cooperative Developed

Target population(s): 9 Coffee Farmers Cooperatives of Kamonyi and Ruhango

Key Interventions: Strengthening The capacity of the Coffee union of Kamonyi and Ruhango;Coaching activities in Management; Governance and Marketing of Cooperatives; Support creation of Saving and Lending groups; Participate in diversification Study; Speed up the establishment of Coffee Task Force (CTFs) at Sector Level

Major achievements/impact to date:

ü  10 Coffee Task Forces Established and are well Functioning (for the sectors: area intervention of the project)

ü  4 trainings organized (Governance and Leadership, Financial Management, Marketing and Savings, and Lending Groups)

ü  The Management of Cooperative improved

ü  Cooperative Law and regulations are respected

ü  106 Saving and Lending Groups Created and are still working

ü  156 Small harvest groups Created are still working

ü  Production increased

ü  Cooperatives are linked to the potential buyers of their production and the cost of production were well calculated.

ü  Women are considered because before the project the benefits from the Coffee productions belongs to men’s only

The number of females who joined cooperatives increased.