1240 Youth trained on WRN&BYOB

1240 youth including 359 male and 881 females from Nyanza and Ruhango districts have successfully completed WORK-READY NOW and BE YOUR OWN BOSS (WRN&BYOB) training from 2017-2021


226 Youth including 125 males and 101 females from Nyanza District, Busasamana, and Busoro Sectors received Grow your business training for six months from 2019 to 2020.

705 Youth in technical training

705 Youth from Nyanza and Ruhango district undergo technical training after completing WRN &BYOB training in different trades such as mining, hairdressing, tailoring, agriculture, and handcraft.

69 Saving and Internal Lending Community Groups (SILC)

69 SILC Groups have created in Nyanza and Ruhango districts with 1382 members including 519 males and 863 females.

223 youths got wage employment

223 youths including 90 males and 133 females from Nyanza and Ruhango districts got employment from different companies.

624 youths turn into self-employed

624 youths including 200 males and 424 females become self-employed in different economic activities such as agriculture, small business, and handcrafts in Nyanza and Ruhango Districts.